…Root, Root, Root

As the end of October comes into view so too does the beginning of the 2018 World Series. This year sees the Boston Red Sox take on the LA Dodgers in a battle of the coasts.

It may seem like just another opportunity to pick a side, but I would argue that it has the power to be exactly the opposite.

In a time when it feels like we can’t agree on anything (except for the fact that we don’t agree on anything), sports offer some common ground. While many successful franchises have been built on bitter regional rivalries, they also bring together people from all walks of life. Both on the field and in the stands they offer an opportunity to see the humanity in those we might otherwise view as the “other.”

Say what you will about professional sports, that kind of power is amazing. In the midst of some seriously divisive times, they allow people to set aside their differences to root for something instead of against each other.

We may have our differences but at the end of the day we can respect those we disagree with…even if they are Dodgers fans (sorry LA, sides have to be chosen).

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    well, this appears to be just another case of coastal, elite bias…I mean, really, the Brewers of the Fly-Over zone would have been much more representative…


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