…sail on

In the history of Mondays, there are some that need more motivation than others.

This weekend brought a sea of changes, with some real lows, but some high points as well (like a marvelous debut for the new Doctor).

It’s not difficult to get caught up in the stormy seas, but I hope that we can all ride those more positive waves forward. 

And for those who get the day off, enjoy.

Of course, seeing as that day is Columbus Day, I am required to share the annual history reminder…

Another reminder that the victors may be the ones who write history, but the truth does have a way of finding its way into those history books too.

Now let’s get out there and stay focused, positive, and moving the only way we can, forward.

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    yes, Columbus Day is most interesting these days…


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