Happy almost-Friday! If you need some motivation to get you through, look no further.

Today’s countdown to the Emmys is all about the ladies of “GLOW,” and it doesn’t get much more motivational than that.This little show that could gets a bit lost in the sea of Netflix programming, but I assure you it’s worth your time.

Somewhat based on a true story, it’s all about the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” series of the 80s. Now in its second season it’s well worth a visit (or revisit).

As someone who never really got the whole wrestling thing, I can understand if you think this series isn’t for you. But just know, this show may surprise you.

I always thought of wrestling as fake, and it is choreographed and rehearsed, but fake it is not. “GLOW” explores the struggle of these women, and their determination

They’re not fragile and fake, they’re strong and supportive women fighting for their own individual dreams and each other.

In other words, it’s more than a wrestling show. It’s a show about the indomitable spirit of women.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    who would have thunk that “Glorious Ladies of Wrestling” would spawn something worthwhile???


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