…Head West

West World“Westworld,” is an interesting creation, which is perhaps why I chose it to kick off our countdown to the Emmy’s. Believe it or not, they’re only a week and a half away. (I know, right!)

To those not familiar with the series, it’s about an amusement park, of sorts. Westworld (the park) is a playground for the wealthy. They can live out their darkest desires without fear of consequence. Designed to mimic the wild west, the park is filled with “hosts” or androids that appear to be human in all things but their inner wiring.

“Westworld” (the show) is a completely different animal. I’ll admit, this sci-fi series with  a classic western mixed in snuck up on me. Not the sci-fi “twist”, but the characters. They’re more than complex, they’re unpredictable. Without spoiling anything, you can’t take anyone or anything at face value.

While on the surface, “Westworld,” looks like a cautionary tale about the rise of the machine, it’s much more. It’s a story about humanity. It asks that eternal question — what makes us human?

The answer isn’t simple, and as you make your way into the second season you’ll realize this show isn’t simple either. Much like the park from which it gets its name, there are layers upon layers to discover and explore.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    “hey, kids – daddy’s going to hang out over here by the live shooting demonstration…”


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