Believe it or not, crusaders, we’re just weeks away from the 2018 Emmy Awards (which are on a Monday…you’ve been warned). Naturally, in preparation, I’m catching up on all the shows I’ve been meaning to watch. So this What to Watch Wednesday is getting the #WomanCrushWednesday treatment for the ladies of “GLOW.”

As I mentioned on my first shoutout for this show, no one was more surprised than me that I have now twice recommended a show about ladies wrestling. But I stand by this retro (80s) love letter to strong (physically and emotionally) women. It’s incredible (and Emmy-nominated).

I want to call these females fierce, but the word does not do them justice.

They are fierce, to be sure, but the beauty of this show is the complexity of its characters and that we get to know so many of them (without getting lost in the process).

These honest, vulnerable, crazy (in the best way), outrageous, and gosh darn delightful wrestling divas are a delight to watch…and yes you will cry…because they will make you think…and feel…

Also, they’re badasses (and a strong argument for introducing an award for best ensemble…just saying).

And with just under three weeks until the Emmy Awards,  you have plenty of time to catch both seasons before the big night.


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    who’d have thunk…


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