…share rejection

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been inspired by a setback, motivated by a misstep, or revved up by utter rejection. No? Then do I have the hashtag for you.

I know it sounds ridiculous and frankly, a lot of the hashtags out there with the best of intentions can feel pretty empty when you’re staring down your own obstacles.

It’s not difficult to find discouragement on the internet. Anonymity has emboldened many to shout things into the digital void that they wouldn’t dare even whisper face to face.

But over the last few weeks, that dynamic has played to a different tune with some truly inspiring results — #ShareYourRejection (and #ShareYourRejections for those with multiple stories to tell).

This hashtag (which, frankly, could’ve turned into a massive pity party) quickly became a fount of motivation with professionals from across industries sharing their “failures,” and, more importantly, what they did next.To call it motivating doesn’t quite capture the spirit of these shares, so I’ll let them speak for themselves…

Some have gotten a little sassy…

But the spirit of this group share has been awe-inspiring (in that I have literally said “awe” after reading more than a few). And the gratitude being shared in return is heartwarming. We all have our failures, what matters is what we do next.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    who knew Justin Guarini was that funny???


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