…capture the moment

Today, the world (on Twitter anyway) is celebrating a pastime that for many has become less of a hobby and more of a constant  — World Photography Day.

With the power to capture images in the palm of our hands and the threat of selfies around every corner, photography has become a whole other animal.

It’s true, just because so many of us can capture and share an image at any given moment, doesn’t mean we’re all great at it, but it does mean more of us are trying our hand at it.

I don’t claim to be a pro at this (but I do invite you to check out the 2WC on Instagram, and my co-crusader’s Insta too, and mine, of course), and I would never insult anyone’s Instas, they’re beautiful and uniquely you.

However, on this most hallowed of photography days, I do think it’s worth considering what it is that we’re capturing and sharing. And there’s something to be said for the art of photography (and it is an art). It takes time, intentionality, and talent.

For the rest of us, doing our best on social media, they don’t all have to be stunners, but they should mean something to you. If that means you document each and every moment of your life in extreme visual detail, well then…

Just make sure you don’t miss the moment while you’re trying to get a photo of it.

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    let me repeat – “just make sure you don’t miss the moment while you’re trying to get a photo of it”…


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