…take a bow

This weekend one of my favorite Saint Louis summer traditions closes out its season, and what a season it was.

For those not from St. Louis, let me elaborate.

There are certain things that define the summer season in this midwestern town.

For some, it’s baseball (which admittedly extends the season into October…usually), for others its trips to the lake (yes, the lake…and if you don’t know which one, you’re not from St. Louis) and for my part, I’m a big fan of both. But without a doubt, for me, there’s one St. Louis summer tradition that’s risen above the rest — the Muny.

Tomorrow the nation’s largest and oldest outdoor theater will close the final show of its centennial season, which is, of course, “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

Much like the Muny itself, this movie turned stage musical is unapologetic about its pride in the city it’s named for.

So as this significant season comes to a close and the countdown to the next begins, I’d like to throw my own unapologetic pride in the pile.

My love of theater and everything it can do is no secret and that love started at the Muny and has taken me some incredible places, but it also always brings me back home to that enormous beautiful stage each and every summer.

So, thank you, Muny for the last 100 years. Here’s to 100 more.

…bi-daily smile…

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