…Add Some Color

img_6237Everyday sketchers and scribblers, it’s time to break out your colored pencils, water colors, markers, and crayons. It’s National Coloring Book Day!

This favorite pastime of many a childhood has leaked over into the adult world, which means we can all celebrate without any shame or embarrassment.

Just kidding.

Adult coloring books, while a thing, very much still come with a fair amount of shame. While far more detailed and meant as a form of relaxation and therapy, they’re labeled by many as a juvenile activity.

Which is really a shame, seeing as I think we could all use a little less stress and a little more fun in our lives. Coloring books are the perfect activity to check off all those boxes. For a few moments you can turn off the worries and cares of the day and focus on what shade of blue to use, or how to add the perfect shadow effect. It’s like a mini vacation from the world, and the voices that would tell you things like coloring is a juvenile activity.

In conclusion, color on if that’s your jam. There will always be haters, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding a little more color to the world.

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…just for fun:


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