…Make A Wish


harry potter birthday cakeIt’s the last day of July, which for millions of literature fans means one thing — it’s Harry Potter’s birthday!

How does one celebrate The Boy Who Lived’s birthday? Whether you’re a witch, wizard, squib, or muggle, there’s no wrong way to mark the occasion. Unless, of course, you’re planning on raining on others nerdy, good humored fun.

Is it a little silly to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday? Maybe. Personally, I think we could use a little more silliness and a little less worrying about what others think.

If Harry Potter taught us nothing else it’s that though it is often undervalued kindness is powerful.

Which is possibly why we insist on marking days like today, a day when a fictional character entered the world. It’s a reminder of a story that profoundly impacted our lives and the many lessons it taught us.

So, happy birthday, Harry Potter! You may not be real, but the impact you’ve made is very much so. And happy birthday to the very real JK Rowling who shared this wonderful character and his world with us.

More on the Story: Mashable

…just for fun:

In case you haven’t memorized this trailer yet…

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  1. originalomc says:

    a few more need touched by the power of love…


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