…Make Over

Happy Monday, fellow crusaders! Welcome to a new week and a new look for The Two-Woman Crusade.

Since 2WC is feeling all shiny and new, I thought I’d try to share that fresh and sparkly feeling.

If you feel a #MondayMotivation makeover montage coming on, your instincts are spot on. Cue the cheesy gifs…

clueless movie dionne davenport GIF

On the surface, makeovers can appear a bit superficial, but their real power comes from within. You are, after all, a unique snowflake unicorn princess (never change).

anne hathaway film GIF

Changing the way the world sees you can offer a whole new perspective. It can make you rethink things, see things in a new light, and at the very least, try something new. disney princess beauty GIF by Disney

Of course, in real life, most of us don’t have a teenage clique or an army of makeup artists to help us make a change. There isn’t even a fairy godmother. We have to take care of our own Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boos.

But don’t worry. Lest we forget, you are a snowflake unicorn princess (or prince). You’ve got this.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    neat, clean new look, 2WC…


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