…Mix Things Up

Holiday weeks can be a little awkward no matter what. So when the Fourth of July lands on Wednesday, it has the potential to completely disrupt your week.

By claiming Wednesday as a day to celebrate it robs the other days of their purpose.

What is Monday without four solid days of work following it? Is Tuesday now actually a Friday? What does that make Thursday? Are there two Mondays this week? Is it Friday Yet?

It’s complete chaos, or at least a good excuse to cut out a few hours early today.

You know what, this sounds like a Thursday/Monday problem. Enjoy your midweek vacation and happy early Fourth of July!

…just for fun:

A belated happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors (who got to celebrate on a Sunday)…


One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    to repeat, I miss my two day work weeks…


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