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“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” is the kind of movie you can watch with the sound turned off. I know that sounds really bad, but let me elaborate.

It’s not that it isn’t watchable, but subtlety is not its strong suit. Which should come as no surprise seeing as it’s the second film in this current “Jurassic” incarnation and the fifth in the franchise.

This latest incarnation takes place three year’s after the preceding film. Our heroes find themselves back at the Jurassic World park. This time, they’re on a rescue mission, and more exciting Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) has ditched the heels and has a new-found fondness for flats. You’ll be happy to know that Owen (Chris Pratt) and his puppy-like velociraptor, Blue, are back for the sequel too.

What starts out as a battle to save the surviving dinos from an imminent volcanic eruption turns into a battle to survive as it turns out that the corporate backer with a heart of gold, Eli Mills (Rafe Spall), may have had ulterior motives. Shocking, I know.

Long story short, the rescued dinosaurs end up back at the estate of John Hammond’s former partner, Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), who is completely unaware of the nefarious deeds being carried out in his very large basement. While the majority of the dinosaurs are going to be auctioned off, Blue is used for her DNA. The ultimate purpose, to create a hybrid of the Indominus Rex and the Raptor — the Indoraptor.

If at this point you’re wondering where the heck Jeff Goldblum is, the answer is: he’s barely in the film. The truth is he makes a nice bookend, once again warning us all of the dangers of meddling with biological forces beyond our comprehension and control. Shame on us.

Wait, where was I? Yes, the Indoraptor. Well, let’s just say that goes badly, and you’ll have to see the film to see just how bad.

The film is watchable, and in the realm of blockbusters it is more than good enough. That being said, I think audiences are yearning for the awe and inspiration that came with the first film. It is seriously lacking from this latest film. While it does have some good moments, it lacks the magic of the original story.

…just for fun:

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