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Yesterday, ABC made the decision to cancel “Roseanne,” after its star made some controversial tweets. Whether you agree with the decision or not, the fact is that it’s done.

The appeal of “Roseanne” for many, is that it’s a show that they can see their own working class family in. Which I get, but “Roseanne” was not and is not the only show to represent working families.

For those of you who now have a hole in your television viewing schedule, I promise there are other shows out there. And silver lining: with a whole summer of reruns ahead, you have plenty of time to catchup.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Fair warning, none of these are “conventional” families, but I’m not sure those really exist.

“Superstore” – Think “The Office,” meets Walmart. It’s an endearing cast of characters, most of whom you probably worked with at one point.

“Speechless” – Tough as nails mother (and a dad who gets out of her way) who will do anything for her children (on a budget). One of her children happens to be in a wheelchair and can’t speak, which allows for many lessons about the people we sometimes forget.

“One Day at a Time” – A veteran, nurse, full-time mom and part-time student lives with her immigrant mother, two children, and intrusive landlord. Can you get more working class?

“American Housewife” – Sassy, suburban housewife with a huge chip on her shoulder. Did I miss any boxes?

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  1. originalomc says:

    and Samantha Bee makes Rosanne look almost dignified…who’d have thunk it? I like them both – we really need to return to some level of civility in our public discourse, including “humor”…

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