…end well

This What to Watch Wednesday, I bring sad (but not too sad) tidings. It’s the time of year TV fans dread, “sweeps” season.

It’s that magical time in the spring and fall when the powers that be decide which beloved shows will stay and which will go (and yes, every show is beloved by someone).

This spring (and late winter) brought the beginning of the end for more than a few favorites, but I take comfort in another trend these shows have benefitted from — the opportunity to go out on their own terms.

Yes, I wish these gems could run forever, but there are few greater gifts than the chance to end a story well. So thank you powers that be, for the chance to see these stellar stories shine (one last time 😢).

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

CXF has actually been saying for a while that their story would last four seasons (if they made it that far), so I look forward to what I can only assume will be a spectacular, sung-through finale.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Four seems to be the magic number this “sweeps” season as “Kimmy Schmidt” announced this will be its final season, just about a month before it’s set to be released. But fret not Unbreakables, we’ll see Kimmy again in her “actual” feature film (for Netflix) finale.


Now in it’s fourth season, this heart-warming tale of a crime-solving zombie who takes on the personalities of the murder victims’ brains (which she eats, of course) will get one final, fifth season next year. Soak in the incredibly versatile brain preparations while you still can.

“Jane the Virgin”

Finally, the one that took me most by surprise, Jane. This twist on a telenovela had me at its first narrated words. My small comfort, again, is that it will at least get a fifth season of drama, romance, and generally Jane being her fabulous self-possessed self.


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  1. originalomc says:

    four years is a pretty good run in our current nanosecond attention span society…

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