…Learn a Lesson

It’s time to learn a lesson again. Today we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, which means it’s time for a reminder to appreciate your teachers for all that they do.

Teachers are the frontline of defense against ignorance. A day of appreciation (or even a week) hardly seems adequate. The phrase, “those who can’t do, teach,” was obviously first uttered by someone who did not have the drive or determination to make it as a teacher.

Charged with the preservation, protection, and proliferation of knowledge, these guardians are overworked and undervalued.

None of us would be where we are without the help of at least one teacher. It’s much more likely that a whole squadron of them worked tireless hours to make sure you were prepared for the next stage of your education and life.

To all the teachers, today and every day you deserve our respect, our gratitude, and (of course) our appreciation. Thank you for all that you do.

More on the Story: USA Today

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    Mrs. Donath, Mrs. Mosley, Fr. Ebey – those are the three I remember – two grade school, one college – all have stayed with me forever – thank you to all teachers…

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  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wrote a poem about this!

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