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As we head into Earth Day weekend Flick Friday is going green. It’s not easy being green, but it is easy to find a green-themed movie.

Some are more subtle with their messages than others. Whether they’re painting with all the colors of the wind or trying to outrun the effects of climate change taking care of our planet comes up a lot in the cinematic world.

Seeing as you can’t possible watch them all (at least not in a weekend), here are a few suggestions to get you in the Earth Day mood.

First up is Pixar’s “Wall-E.” This adorable, musical-loving, garbage robot makes an abandoned Earth downright palatable.

Horrible, historical inaccuracies based on an egomaniac’s “journal,” aside, “Pocahontas,” has some serious pro-Earth vibes. I mean, there’s a talking tree for one thing. There’s also some serious shade thrown at the Virginia Company’s way of doing things. So marvel at the natural beauty and while scoffing at the fact that this Disney princess’s story is told from the perspective of a white male who completely made the whole thing up.

Finally, if you don’t find yourself feeling green after painting with the colors of the wind or wandering the abandoned planet with Wall-E, there’s “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Because if all else fails, you can always scare people into being kinder to the planet with a post-apocalyptic hellscape.


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  1. originalomc says:

    are Zombies earth-friendly???they consume what many people consider to be a pest…


  2. Have you heard the jazz version of it’s not easy being green? So good.

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    1. Zer says:

      I have not, but I’m intrigued.


      1. Nearly as good as Kermit’s 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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