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This weekend we will celebrate Earth Day. Leading up to that celebration of our one and only planet is Earth Week.

Seeing as today is What to Watch Wednesday, some earth related television seems in order. If you’re wondering what could possibly fall into that genre, well then you obviously haven’t seen “Blue Planet II.”

Airing late last year on the BBC, and earlier this year on BBC America, it’s a follow up to the original “Blue Planet,” which explored the mysterious worlds beneath our planet’s seas.

What the name doesn’t tell you is just how stunning this sequel is. This documentary series truly is a feast for the eyes.

As we explore the world’s oceans from the deepest corners to the coasts, we’re treated to gorgeous cinematography. Captured thanks to cutting-edge technology, incredible patience, and years of research, the resulting product is nothing short of stunning.

Along the way, you learn a thing or two as well. For example, octopuses are super smart, sharks are stupid, and there are fish that can change their gender. Also, dolphins like to play, a lot.

What the series does best is draw attention to the impact humans have had in the coastal and underwater ecosystems. It can be a little bit of a buzz kill after all the pretty underwater shots, but it’s also why series like this exist.

They make problems—that are otherwise invisible to most of us—real.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    strikingly beautiful…don’t use plastic straws…just sayin’…

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