…Need A Hero

Related imageAs another season of, “The Walking Dead,” comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This little zombie show that could has come a long way in the past eight seasons.

While its fan base remains incredibly supportive and loyal, it’s hard not to admit the show has had its highs and lows over the past eight years. As we approach another finale tomorrow night, it’s in desperate need of a hero.

In many ways, the show is a sign of the times. It’s complicated, messy, and it’s getting increasingly hard to tell the good guys from the bad ones.

Up until recently, [SPOILER ALERT] Carl served as the show’s moral compass. He was there to point out when Rick was getting too close to the edge. Even his own battles with the darkness served as a reminder to others to take a step back. Since his departure the show has been rudderless, descending into territory that is both familiar and completely unknown at the same time.

As they head towards yet another confrontation between Rick and [fill in current bad guy’s name here], the good guys are without their moral compass (aka the character who has it together). Or at least they are without a moral compass with sufficient screen time (*cough* Michonne *cough*).

In fact, if anything, the “bad guys” are starting to look like they have the moral high ground. It’s an intriguing moment, and one that could determine if the “good guys” and the show are around for much longer.

…just for fun:

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  1. PaulG says:

    We have nothing to fear, but fear itself…. oh and the undead.

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    1. Zer says:

      Very true. 🤓


  2. originalomc says:

    Ask not what the country can do for the dead, but rather, what the dead can do for the country…

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