…try your luck

Today, the world is once again facing its fears as we make our way through another Friday the 13th.

I am not a superstitious person, but I also don’t like to push my luck, so I’ll admit to a healthy respect for some superstitions. In the case of Friday the 13th, it’s more of a fascination, not so much in the day itself, but in the tradition of it.

And yes, at the end of the day (even when that day is Friday the 13th), superstitions are traditions…

And just like the range of enthusiasm for every other modern tradition out there, there’s definitely a spectrum of fear around this day ranging from the completely indifferent…

…to those who suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia (which includes anyone who tries to pronounce that word).

And I can’t help but marvel and what it says about the power of the human imagination…

I’m not saying that fear of a day of the week is silly…

I’m saying that it could have just as easily been Friday the 7th or Tuesday the 3rd. In fact, in Spain and Greece, Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky and in it’s Italy Friday the 17th. So, I think the real fear we’re facing down here is prime numbers…

However, you choose to celebrate the day, whether it’s cowering in fear…

…or completely forgetting it’s even a thing,

I hope you take a moment to appreciate the tradition of it all…

…bi-daily smile…



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  1. originalomc says:

    in a fun wrinkle, the first Friday the 13th of any year is “Blame Someone Else Day” – I blame Mom and Dad for this silly fear of Friday the 13th…

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