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Yesterday saw the return of one of the best comic book shows on television—“Legion.” If you think that sounds a bit hyperbolic, well then I’d argue it might be one of the best sci-fi shows ever.

From the world of X-Men in the Marvel Universe, it tells the story of David (Dan Stevens), a mutant misdiagnosed with schizophrenia who is now coming into his powers.The X-Men’s world may seem familiar to the broader, but I assure you, this one is not. An unreliable narrator, and a fluid sense of reality have you guessing what’s real the entire time.

It gets way out there sometimes, but there’s also dance-offs and musical numbers to break it up. Did I mention it’s not your usual X-Men story? Plus the cinematography, effects, and overall style of the show is stunning.

Although, be warned, this is not a tale you can join midway through. You’ll have to suck it up and watch the eight episodes of season one. I assure you it’s worth it. You may even find you want to watch them again.

It’s a show that makes you think, or at least pay attention. If you manage to do that, I promise the payoff is worth it.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    hoping they build successfully off of season 1…


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