Happy Friday and welcome to another weekend of March Madness. You’ll have to forgive the onslaught of Loyola school spirit, but it takes some time to adjust to the new status of “sports school.”

They say it’s lonely at the top, and while the Ramblers still have a little ways to go before reaching the summit. I have to say the ascent has been anything, but lonely. It seems like with each victory the bandwagon of fans only grows.There’s still a lot of basketball to be played, so I won’t jinx anything  by drawing comparisons between the Ramblers and a certain princess with impractical footwear. However, it’s moments like this that make sports worth watching.

It’s nice to see the little guy (or school) defy the odds. The Sweet 16 seemed like a dream. So making it to the Elite 8, well, let’s just enjoy the ride while it lasts. Win or lose, we made it further than anyone expected, and we still have Sister Jean.

More on the Story: SB Nation

…just for fun:


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