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As we crawl toward the middle of March (through endless snow), it certainly is starting to feel as though this winter will never end. But I come bearing good news, crusaders. Spring is indeed almost here and it’s bringing new television with it!

So, this What to Watch Wednesday I’d like to direct your attention away from the flurries and toward NBC’s newest comedy, “Champions.”

If you’ve been suffering not only from this endless freeze, but also from Mindy withdrawal since “The Mindy Project” ended in November your prayers have been answered.

While Ms. Kaling only appears in the first two episodes (for now), this show has her all over it, which makes sense seeing as she co-created and co-wrote the series along with fellow “The Office” writer Charlie Grandy.

“Champions” is the story of 15-year-old Michael (J.J. Totah), a theater kid with a shot at attending his dream performing arts school in Manhattan, until he has nowhere to live…

Until his mother (Mindy Kaling) introduces him to his father (Anders Holm) who happens to own a gym in Brooklyn. Problem solved and adorable premise achieved.

People who have not yet discovered the joy of Mindy, there’s stuff here for you too. The gym staff (Fortune Feimster and Mouzam Makkar) and Michael’s uncle (Andy Favreau) make for an incredible ensemble.

And if you’re worried that the lack of Mindy-screen time will kill the joy, I’m here to tell you, have no fear, the musical theater references are here (i.e. the second episode is called “I Think I’m Gonna Tolerate It Here“).

And if that hasn’t tipped you off, I’ll leave you with the pilot episode’s musical number, and sincere promise that this show is hilarious…

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  1. originalomc says:

    sounds very entertaining…I’ve missed Mindy ever since Mork went back to Ork…


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