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Happy Monday, crusaders! Congratulations on officially making it through the first full weekend of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Seeing as we’re now several days into the games, I’m going to assume that we have all reached peak expertise in luge, curling, ice dancing, speed skating, and everything else these Games have thrown at us.

So it goes without saying that this Monday, the only motivation you’re going to need is happening right now (or on a slight tape delay) in PyeongChang, South Korea…

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is the stories of the Olympians. Like the figure skaters Alexa and Chris Knierem (above) who are making their Olympic debut following Alexa’s serious illness just a couple years ago. It reads like an epic love story and ends at the Olympics (fingers crossed for a medal).

Their story is magical, but some of the best are extraordinary in the “ordinary-ness.” You have your superstars of course, but many Olympians have “day jobs” in addition to being absolute rock stars in their sports, and if that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.

For example, curling superstar Nina Roth is also a registered nurse…


A few fellow curlers have side hustles too, Tabitha Peterson works in retail pharmacy and John Shuster works at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Dick’s actually participates in a program (along with several other organizations) that provide flexible jobs to Olympians, like U.S. women’s hockey goalie, Alex Rigsby (right) who’s also a Dick’s employee.


I’m not even going to talk about the lack of gender equality in professional hockey in this great nation, I’m just going to link to this article, right here: “The Time is Now for U.S. Women’s Hockey” (Heavy)

The sheer passion that has to drive these athletes is just as inspiring as their athletic prowess and definitely something worth cheering for.

Just in case you missed something: “Winter Olympics 2018: Schedule, Medals and Results” (The New York Times)


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    Excellence is always riveting to watch. The dedication to be among the very best, no matter what the skill, is inspiring.


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