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I’ve never quite understood why the Winter Olympics don’t get as much hype as their warm-weather counterpart. The obvious answer is that there’s a general preference for summer sports. To that I say, okay, but why?

Whatever the reason, this week the 2018 Winter Games kick off in PyeongChang, South Korea, and they are worthy of hype. Actually, they kick off today (2/7), which because of time zones is actually tomorrow (2/8), and is today in South Korea. Time and tenses aside, you should be watching. Why? Well, there’s alpine skiing, bobsled, curling, figure skating, hockey, snowboarding, and speed skating to name a few. Beyond the individual sports, there’s the spirit of competition and the world unity that comes from visibility.

It’s amazing how much more human the rest of the world becomes when you can actually see them. With the Olympics, not only do we see people from all over the world, but we see the competing side by side with people from our own corners of the world. It’s an idea that’s connected in the motto for the 2018 competition: Passion. Connected.

Yes, the games are about competition, but they’ve become much more than that. They’ve become a reminder that we’re capable of putting political grudges aside and seeing each other as equals. With that in mind, consider don’t forget to tune into this year’s games, or at least for Friday’s opening ceremony. Which is tomorrow if you’re in South Korea, and the day after tomorrow if you’re in the US. And if you still don’t follow, here’s the NBC schedule.

More on the Story: NBC Live Stream Schedule

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  1. Aileen Cronan says:

    Right on. I feel like we will have one of our family members serving as a reporter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. originalomc says:

    In Norway, I’m pretty sure they ask why the Summer Olympics don’t get the same fanfare as their Winter counterparts…


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