…feel the crunch

As the football battle was fought on the field Sunday night, another far more firey war waged on screen. I’m speaking of course of the Doritos/Mountain Dew rap battle featuring a fire and ice showdown between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman.

At the time it seemed that the winner of this war of words was everyone, little did we know the losses yet to come. Enter, Lady Doritos.

No, that’s not the matriarch of the Doritos estate (if only). That is what was trending on Twitter after the CEO of PepsiCo teased some forthcoming products. What’s the next big idea from Doritos? Snacks for women.

Sadly the actual products have since been denied by PepsiCo, but lucky for us we still got some great insights into what women want from their snacks.

I know you’re probably wondering what that could possibly mean: Are they pink? Are they fat-free? What do women want from their snacks?

Quiet chips.

I’m going to give that it’s own line so it can really sink in. Apparently, women don’t like noisy snacks.

But wait there’s more. The “what might have been” Lady Doritos would have also done away with that pesky Doritos dust (aka the best part) and have been easier to carry in your purse.

I think I speak for all women when I say, being able to fit Doritos (or any food) in my purse has never been a problem. As with most of life’s challenges, where there’s a will there’s a woman who can figure out how to fit more food in her purse. We will reinvent the laws of physics to make space for snacks (and anything else we want to fit in there). Always.

So Doritos if you want to market to us, go for it, but never tell us to keep quiet, keep the dust off our fingers, or what the space limit is in our own purses.

Crunch on, crusaders.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    snacks for women…one do wonder…


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