…take the field

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, crusaders!

There was a time when this unofficial American holiday was universally on uncontroversially celebrated in all of its athletic, voyeuristic glory. That’s not to say that the tradition is gone, it just comes with a lot more baggage.

Much like just about everything else in life, tonight’s game does not come without its own set of political side plots…and I’m not just talking about the fan battle between Philadelphia and Boston…

Of course, for those of us without a horse in the race, it’s really all about the commercials, but if I’m forced to pick a side, I’m going to go with Ms. Fey…always.

Many this year will boycott altogether, and I completely understand. It’s no secret that the perception of the NFL has suffered from political and cultural circumstances, many of them conflicting. So I equally understand those who continue to tune in and support their teams. Much like many of our modern conflicts, there is no right and wrong and there’s a lot of grey area.

In this arena, perhaps we could take a tip from the field and practice our sportsmanship skills. Whether you choose to tune in or tune out, let’s be respectful of those with opposing loyalties or views. You don’t have to agree, but it never hurts to be respectful.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all and to all a fair fight.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    yep, I do remember when we watched sports for the games…not the protests, the dramas…


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