…Rock the Dots

happy minnie mouse GIF

Today, everyone’s favorite polka dot wearing mouse gets to strut her stuff on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It also happens to be National Polka Dot Day, making this officially the perfect day for Minnie Mouse to finally get her star.

In celebration of this well deserved honor, today’s #MondayMotivation is inspired by Mickey’s partner in crime for the past 90 years (nearly).

After all, who’s more motivating than Minnie Mouse? The picture of class and grace, Minnie’s style, work ethic, and patience can serve as an example to us all.

For 40 years she’s patiently waited and worked towards equal recognition with her co-star.

sad minnie mouse GIF

Others might have been deterred by the fact that their costar received their star on THEIR 50th anniversary in 1978, but Minnie is above such things.

Minnie Mouse Falling GIF

While some might have given into frustration and thrown in the towel, Minnie soldiered on.

disney GIF

Despite the blatant inequality, she found joy in her work and the recognized success of others.

happy mickey mouse GIF

Today, it’s finally her day. The wait may have been long and frustrating, but that just makes the reward that much sweeter. Enjoy your day, Minnie! Thanks for paving the way for other fictional females…Miss Piggy, you’re next.

More on the Story: Entertainment Weekly

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    a sartorial inspiration for us all…

    Liked by 1 person

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