…Know Nothing

Happy National Nothing Day! That’s National Nothing Day as in the celebration of “nothing,” or the absence of something, not as in there’s nothing that happens today.

I realize that might have just added to any confusion. We live in a world where “nothing” seems to have disappeared. Thanks to smart phones and the onslaught of instant entertainment everywhere, the peace and quiet of doing nothing is a forgotten luxury.

How does one celebrate this non-event?

By doing nothing, of course. If that’s a little too obvious or not specific enough for you, try sitting in silence for two minutes. I’m talking real silence. So remove yourself from your screens and other distractions. You can even close your eyes if that will help, but napping does not count as nothing, so try not to nod off.

It sounds simple enough, doing nothing, but odds are it will be difficult for you. Boredom has been banished, and our ability to focus is compromised. The second we lose interest in something we fill the void where nothing use to exist with some new distraction.

Assuming you’re still with me, enjoy the rest of National Nothing Day. May you enjoy, if only for a few minutes, the joy of doing nothing.

…just for fun:


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  1. originalomc says:

    nothing was the fabric of my childhood back in the 60’s…nothing begets creativity…back to my Twitter feed now…

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