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This What to Watch Wednesday, in preparation for the forthcoming holiday binge viewing (you know you do it). I thought I’d share one of my favorites from this fall of television, an old favorite that’s new again in the most magical way possible…

“Once Upon a Time,” this long-running juggernaut of a show did something incredible (and I’m not just talking about the musical episode). This show built on adding twists to classic fairy tales added the ultimate twist. They started over.

I admit, when the series hit a clear reset, with older Henry as the new lead, I was skeptical that it was a cop-out. I was wrong.

The reset has been more refreshing than I ever could have imagined.

I would like to preface the following statement with this: I loved the original series, the cast, and the stories they told, and I acknowledge that this new chapter would not have been possible without them. Now I’m going to say it: They made it better.

Yes, the show is still operating under its traditional curse format, but the plot has to be seen to be believed. The characters circumstances are as original as ever, but their motivations have a depth and a darkness that is really exciting to watch.

Translation: I full on cried during the mid-season finale — ugly tears.

And because I can hear the hesitation, let me be clear that many of your old favorites, played by the same actors, are still here (Hook, Regina, Gold) and I suspect more will make appearances down the road…which I hope is a very long one.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    no tears here…but I agree that it is surprisingly well done…


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