…Break a Leg

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders! Today we may finally get the live, televised Christmas musical we never knew we wanted.

This year FOX is taking over the holiday televised musical slot with “A Christmas Story Live!”. God bless NBC for introducing this new annual tradition, but it’s probably a good thing they’re sitting this year out.

After this year’s “Grease Live!,” FOX proved they may have this whole live musical thing figured out. Expectations are high, to say the least.

While we’re all familiar with the classic, holiday film (thanks, TBS…), the musical version is a new experience for most. So, before you tune in this evening, let me give you a friendly warning — it’s different from the movie.

I’m talking to you, naysayers who tend to get itchy Twitter thumbs when people mess with classics. Just think of “A Christmas Story Live!”  as its own separate thing, that is an homage to the original. I promise you, the spirit, memorable moments, style, and story that you know so well are still there. The story is just being told in a different way, and with a different cast.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, all that’s left to do is get excited for tonight (6PM CT). Enjoy the anticipation, preparation, and the rest of your Sunday.

…Oh, and one last thing. FOX is making donations to Toys For Tots in exchange for tweets, hashtags, and GIFs. Just in case you’re looking to rack up a few last-minute brownie points with the “big guy,” while getting excited for tonight’s show.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    and so, children, Twitter slays another perfectly fine happy moment…


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