…make mice

Today we celebrate the 89th birthday of a mouse known the world over. Yes, for 89 years, Mickey Mouse has brought joy to children of all ages with his can-do attitude and cheery disposition.

Whether he was fighting off baddies or hanging with his pals, Mickey’s been lifting hearts since that first adventure, “Steamboat Willie,” released on this day in 1928.

Fun fact, “Steamboat Willie” was actually Mickey’s third cartoon, but his first two, “Plane Crazy,” and “Gallopin’ Gaucho” didn’t quite make it to wider release, making “Steamboat Willie,” his first official public appearance and eventually it was dubbed his “official” birthday.

But I can’t help but think we’re forgetting someone…

Oh, that’s right, today is Minnie Mouse’s birthday too.

Yes, it would seem that Minnie has been running after Mickey’s boat ever since he first left her to sprint down those shores (which he retrieved her from…to his credit).

And because I know you’re wondering, yes she was there alongside Mickey in “Plane Crazy” at least until he dropped her out of the plane…

So it’s no wonder she was none too happy to dance with him when he showed up in “The Gallopin’ Gaucho.”

Still, any relationship has its ups and downs and these nearly 90 years wouldn’t have been the same without both halves of this delightful duo.

So keep on dancin’ you magical mice, and a very Happy Birthday to you both!

…bi-daily smile…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    yep, celebrating the world’s greatest mouse entertainers…sorry Chuck E…


  2. hello Mr says:

    happy bday micky and minnie ..luv u alotttt


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