…Back Off

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders! I’ve got some good news if you’re running late today. It’s the end of daylight saving time!

Yes, that hour you lost back in the spring is back!

Today, we turn the clocks back, or at least we would if that was still a thing. With the exception of your microwave, oven, and maybe coffeemaker, most of our clocks reset themselves without our assistance. Which makes it much more likely that you completely forgot about that extra hour.

Of course, today isn’t all about not having to reset your clocks. This time of year, and on the other end of daylight saving time, we see the emergence of the DST haters. You know, the ones who say the reason for adding and subtracting that hour every year has become obsolete. The ones who don’t appreciate the beauty of getting that extra hour of sleep in the fall and sunshine in the spring.

While I can appreciate the frustration of changing the time twice a year, it’s hard not to love DST’s finer qualities. Like the fact that you now have an extra hour between you and Monday.

On that note, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and that extra hour.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    Daylight savings time was originally sold as a way to save energy – is this no longer true??? just curious…


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