…hakuna matata

Happy weekend, crusaders! As we settle into this daylight savings weekend, I thought I’d take my extra hour to address the issue that’s dividing our nation. I’m of course referring to the live-action remake of “The Lion King.”

Seriously, since the full cast was announced earlier this week, the trending topic, staying power of this conversation is inspiring. And I applaud everyone for their conviction regarding this divisive topic.

To be clear, I’m not here to address the casting. I’ll let the Queen Bey fans hash that one out. They’re doing a great job. I’m here to address the recurring question — Why are they remaking “The Lion King” at all?

Putting aside the obvious economic reasons, I’ll counter that question with, “Why not?”

I wholeheartedly agree that “The Lion King” is one of Disney’s best, and I understand those that are concerned it will be destroyed. But why not recreate that magic for a new generation (and the millennials who will be there with bells on when it comes out in 2019…even the naysayers)?

Not to mention that despite its awesome storytelling and inventive G-rated take on “Hamlet” the original was not without its flaws. And I can’t fault creative minds for wanting to see what else they can do with this story. It’s survived (and perhaps even thrived) a Broadway reincarnation, I think it can handle whatever live action has to throw at it (motion-capture is my best guess).

Remakes are a part of the cinematic Circle of Life, and I’m ready for it. (Side note: An all-female remake of “Lord of the Flies” is still a ridiculously awful, horrible, no good, very bad idea). That said, if Disney messes this up, the stakes are high. But for now, I have nothing but the highest of hopes for this project.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    why not precisely…


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