jack the nightmare before christmas nightmare before christmas jack skellington GIFWelcome to the beginning of the holiday season! I realize your Halloween candy stash is still intact, and your jack-o’-lantern hasn’t made it to the compost heap yet. It’s cute that you think that will stop the holiday season from starting today.

Before you roll your eyes (again), just know that some of us have held back on our holiday season enthusiasm until today. So, be thankful you haven’t been listening to “Silver Bells” and “Holly, Jolly Christmas” for the past month already.

Now before you get on your “we still have Thanksgiving,” soapbox, let me ask you—why can’t we have our pumpkin pie, and eat our Christmas cookies too?

I understand that the holidays, especially the music, are not everyone’s cup of cocoa.  That doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy it starting November 1st. 

From festive cups for our lattes to decorated windows, everything seems a bit brighter. Which is nice, since for the northern hemisphere the world is quite literally a darker place. 

So “bah humbug” all you want, holiday haters. The rest of us will be over here enjoying the sights and sounds of the season for a little bit longer.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    not to be little Debbie Downer here, but disappointed in the Starbucks’ cups this year…

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