…believe in spooks


It’s here, folks, the one day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable for full-grown adults to go out in dressed as their favorite, spook, superhero, pop culture icon, and I think you get the point. Happy Halloween!

I suppose there are a few exceptions…but apart from Comic-Con…Wizard-Con…Star Wars Day, each and every movie release (ever)…and okay, just about every day….

You know what, I’m proud of us.

There may be plenty of other reasons to shake our heads at ourselves…

…but our appreciation of unbridled enthusiasm is not one of them.

…and that’s reason to cheer…

On Halloween and every day…


So today as you embark on your various Halloween festivities, whether it’s an office, school, or neighborhood party, embrace the enthusiasm, savor it, enjoy it, and let others do the same. Who knows, it might just catch on.

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    We can all use a little joy…


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