…Be Corny

undefinedHappy All Hallows’ Eve Eve! Not only is today the day before Halloween, it’s also National Candy Corn Day. Yes, it’s barely more of a holiday than Halloween Eve, but it’s better than calling today by its true name — Monday.

Sorry, forget I mentioned that, and focus on the brightly colored, waxy corn-like sugar kernels with no nutritional value.

The David S Pumpkins of Halloween sweets, candy corn is its own thing. No one really asked for it, understands its appeal, or can explain why it continues to come back year after year. I mean, can you imagine the Halloween season, or autumn, without it?

The answer is “no,” because it’s woven into the fabric of the season. We couldn’t get rid of it even if we wanted to, which we might.

Kicking candy corn out of fall would be like kicking the turkey out of Thanksgiving. It would completely alter the season.

So, why do we love this candy so much? Maybe it’s the way it sticks in your teeth, or the way you can’t stop eating them even though you really, really want to. Perhaps it’s their nondescript, cloying sweetness. Or it could be the fact that they’re made almost entirely from one of the most addictive substances known to humankind— sugar.

Who knows. Perhaps candy corn is meant to remain one of life’s many mysteries, just like David S Pumpkins. Any questions?

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    if you really want to become addicted, mix the candy corn with dry roasted peanuts…


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