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2WC Film Halloween

Crusaders, Halloween weekend is here! Can you believe it? Seeing as it’s Friday that means it is time to get serious about your Halloween movie options.

Of course, there will be plenty of options to catch “Hocus Pocus,” especially with the 24-hour marathon Freeform has planned for Halloween, but today I thought I’d take a look beyond the 13 Days fare for some other frightful (in a variety of ways) films.

So whether you’re looking for a fright, some fun, or a little of both, here are my top choices for spooky cinema.

It may have not made the Freeform cut, but this classic is the perfect combo of creepy and comedy with a legitimately compelling plat to boot. It’s simply not Halloween without a viewing of “you know who.”

I know I addressed the tragedy of this movie being dropped by Freeform earlier this week, but that doesn’t mean you need to drop it from your holiday festivities. This classic tale of how a centuries-dead child is more responsible and selfless than Bill Pullman will make you laugh, cry, and marvel at Christina Ricci’s self-sufficiency…but mostly cry.

“The Cabin in the Woods”
If you’ve ever wondered how long Thor would make it in a horror film then “The Cabin in the Woods” has the answer to your hypothetical question. (Spoiler: Not as long as you might guess.) This psychological thriller has all that I ask of my scary movies — a full explanation. It can be scary, but if you’re just scaring me for the shock of it, I have no time for you.

All of them. Keep breathing, nerds. I hope we’ve all arrived at a place where we can both appreciate the originals and the reboot without judgment…emphasis on the word hope. Of course, if you go with the reboot, you get to see how Thor would fare in the event of a possession. It’s a win-win.

“Addams Family Values”
The first film, of course, is also lovely, but this Halloween classic sequel has the added bonus of being the perfect transition to Thanksgiving.

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  1. originalomc says:

    sensing a bit of a Thor theme here…


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