…Go All Out

It’s finally here, Walking Dead fans! Tonight we’ll see not only the season eight premiere, but also the series’ 100th episode. With the promise of all out war between Negan’s Saviors and Rick’s, well, everyone else, it’s sure to be filled with everything we’ve come to know and love about the series.

On the surface, “The Walking Dead,” appears to be purely a horror series, but you’re selling the show short if that’s all you think it is. It is set in the zombie apocalypse, but at its core “The Walking Dead” is about what makes us human. 

Every one of the ninety-nine episodes leading up to the 100th have shown the best and the worst of humanity. We’ve seen people work together and against one another. We’ve met good people who have managed to survive and not-so-good people who have done the same. We’ve seen good people do bad things and bad people do good things.

To summarize, the zombie apocalypse is basically one big grey area, and at its heart are the complex characters that we’ve come to know and love.

We’ve witnessed their transformation into stronger versions of their pre-apocalypse selves, and yes, we’ve also seen them torn apart by walkers. But even that is one of the things that makes “The Walking Dead” great, that constant reminder that there are no certainties in life or television. No matter how beloved a character is, one slight misstep or unfortunate circumstance and they’re gone.

It may not seem like  it at first glance, but “The Walking Dead” has a wider appeal than you might think. There’s great characters, storytelling, action, and zombies. There’s something for everyone. Although, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to avert your eyes every now and then. If that doesn’t have you at least a little intrigued, there’s also a tiger. Seriously.

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    7 seasons behind…it feels hopeless…


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