…say it with gratitude

Thank you!

For some U.S. citizens, today is a day of conflicting emotions—confusion and disappointment—namely.

And I can’t say I blame them, there’s nothing more confusing or disappointing than waking up to Happy Thanksgiving trending on Twitter, momentarily thinking you slept through the month of October and November only to realize that it is still in fact only October 9.

So on that note…

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Of course, today is not without significance here in the U.S. While our neighbor’s to the north observe their day of thanks, we’re busy cringing at the historical implications of Columbus Day.

As we collectively consider that can of worms, I hope we’ll take a lesson from the self-aggrandizing that led to it. May today be a reminder to our great nation that we are not, in fact, the center of the universe, or even the Twitterverse.

That doesn’t make us unimportant, but it does make us just as important as everyone else—perhaps a good lesson for the day. And I think that certainly is something to be grateful for.

Your Columbus Day educational moment…

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  1. originalomc says:

    re-evaluating our historical heroes is an interesting exercise…it is mainly positive, but how will history look back at us???


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