…Boldly Go

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders! As you may or may not know, today is not just any other autumn Sunday. Today sees the long anticipated return of “Star Trek,” to television…sort of.

Tonight, CBS will air the first episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” (7:30 CT), before switching the series over to their CBS All Access streaming service (psst…Non-US Netflix users, it’ll be up on Netflix the next day…). No matter how you feel about their choice of streaming service, it’s nice to see “Star Trek” back on TV, even if it is a very different television landscape.

The show’s scientific spirit of curiosity, adventure, and yes, discovery is much needed. “Star Trek” did a lot more that inspire nerds to devote their lives to learning Vulcan, it’s also inspired actual scientific progress. If you think that’s a stretch, consider the phone, computer, or tablet you’re reading this on. When the series debuted over 50 years ago, phones and computers looked a lot different and tablets were made of stone. While “Star Trek” by no means invented smart devices, it did help to create the idea that turned into reality.

Of course, it’s still yet to be seen if the new “Discovery” series will even inspire people to keep watching, but here’s hoping it continues the tradition of boldly going where no one has gone before…

…for those of you not willing to join the CBS All Access club, “The Orville” is a worthy competitor, and it’s on basic cable.

…just for fun:

In honor of the late, great Mr. Henson’s b-day…

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