…Fall Back

It’s officially fall! While it’s sad to see summer go, the autumn season has a few things going for it as well.

For one thing, it’s not ungodly hot. There’s also sweaters, and an assorted variety of hot beverages. And seeing as it’s Flick Friday, I should also point out that there’s a lot of pretty awesome fall movies. 

This season has played a starring role in more than a few films, and conveniently enough, is the perfect time to enjoy them. To help ease you into the new season, here’s a sampling of what fall has to offer…

Is there a film that more perfectly captures that autumn, back-to-school vibe than “Dead Poets Society”? Maybe, but they probably don’t make you laugh, weep, and ugly cry like this one.

Next up, “You’ve Got Mail”…and Tom Hanks…and Meg Ryan…and New York City…and that lovely image of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

To wrap things up, I’ve gone with “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” because no autumn film’s list would be complete without it. You’ve got the back-to-school vibe, Halloween, magic, and a look ahead to Christmas. It’s basically the perfect film for all seasons.


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