…Space Out

With a new season of television comes a slew of new shows vying for your attention. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when the shows start to look the same.

This year’s winners of the look-alike contest are without a doubt “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Orville.” Both are set in space in the future, and both are certainly after the same audience. 

While sadly, I can’t weigh in on “Star Trek” yet (Sunday can’t come soon enough), “The Orville” has proven to be a stronger opponent than some may have thought.

The show at first appears to be a straight forward comedy, but its hour-long runtime means that at least in the awards’ world (should it be so lucky) it’s considered a drama.

That being said, the show has a kind of tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s not the obvious, side-splitting funny you might expect with Seth MacFarlane as the lead, but it’s a kind of everyday funny. Meaning the humor comes from familiar experiences put in a high stakes, sci-fi setting. For example, a captain bickers with his ex while video conferencing with an enemy ship’s captain.

It works surprisingly well, and with the inclusion of alien races, it allows for some satire that might otherwise raise a few eyebrows and spark some social media outrage.

Seeing as were only two episodes into the series, there are still some questions regarding where this ship and its crew are going. But so far, it seems to be smooth sailing for the Orville.

…just for fun:

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