…go against the stream

Happy Emmy Friday, crusaders!

On Wednesday I shared some nominated shows to check out, but today I’m taking a moment for those who have been deprived the honor of just being nominated.

It’s one of the burdens of living in a golden age of television — there are just too many fantastic shows to honor them all.

Although it would be nice if they put some kind of cap on how many times someone can win an award for playing the same part (excellently albeit, but still the same role).

And he’s not alone…

And they’re both excellent, but I digress…

Today is for the snubbed shows that you should definitely be watching, even though they’ve been overlooked by the nominating powers that be.

“The Walking Dead”

This famously under-nominated show (they do get a makeup and sound nod now and again) was completely overlooked this season, and frankly, at this point, it’s a badge of honor for its fans. What TWD has been able to accomplish over these many seasons is truly astonishing. Yes, people tune in for the zombies, but that alone is a gag that couldn’t possibly have carried this story so far. This show offers a look at humanity in truly extreme situations, at its best and at its worst, and it’s been one heck of a ride.


Let’s face it, we’re living in a time of superhero oversaturation, so “Legion” had an uphill battle breaking into the already busy world of X-Men. But gosh darn it, it gave us an incredibly different take on the Marvel universe, and frankly, Aubrey Plaza should’ve gotten a nomination.

“The Good Place”

Kristen Bell’s absolute sainthood aside, this show pulled off one of the most ridiculously shocking twists (yes “Story of Us” fans, bigger than the twist at the end of episode one). Seriously, there was screaming at the television (good screaming, but screaming nonetheless). If you haven’t seen the first season, stay away from any sort of promotion for season 2. You have been warned.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

This show that I love so so much was actually nominated for one award this year, for outstanding original music and lyrics for one of its songs, but it’s not enough. This show did something that is truly difficult to pull off well, it basically restarted itself at the end of its most recent season, like in one of the most soul-affirming ways I could have imagined. It was a pure, “No. You’re crying.” beautiful moment. Here’s a different one, because I don’t do spoilers. I present the aforementioned, nominated song…

…and one more because Rachel Bloom is amazing…

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  1. originalomc says:

    there are more good shows to watch than I have time in the day for…


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