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“Outlander” fans, today the great drought-lander finally ends. The season 2 premiere of “Outlander,” airs tonight on Starz, or right now on the Starz app.

To those of you who didn’t immediately run to your television, tablet, or other preferred streaming device, thanks for sticking around. Instead of doing a straightforward recap of the past two seasons, I thought I’d address a stigma that’s plagued “Outlander,” fans since before the first episode even aired. 

There are many loud and proud fans of both the television series and the Diana Gabaldon book series they’re based on, but today I’m addressing the other fans. The ones who admit to watching the series while simultaneously apologizing. Why do you/they do this? That’s a good question, but I don’t have the time right now to discuss the complex, sexist history surrounding romance novels and shame.

Instead I have a simple message for “Outlander,” fans who feel you have to downplay your fandom or apologize for watching a show that’s been deemed by some as “less than,”  — be proud.

You’re a fan of a good show. Yes, the time traveling plot can be a little complicated to explain, and to the outside, judgemental, under-informed observer the sexual content of the show has come to define it, but you know it’s more than that.

Over the past two seasons you’ve watched an intelligent woman survive and thrive in a world very different from her own. You’ve soaked in the gorgeous sets and costumes. You’ve enjoyed this well-acted, smart, epic drama enough to return for the third season, so why not own it.

The thing about shame and stigmas is that they only really have power if you let them. It will be difficult at first, but you can do it. Yes, people may make faces, they may even express those under-informed opinions I discussed earlier, but just look at it as an opportunity to educate. So, go out there, enjoy the season three premiere, and make no apologies.

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  1. originalomc says:

    I’ll have to catch up on Netflix, I suppose…


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