…heal all wounds

Every summer we take a break or two from the incredible action of most summer blockbusters for a look at one of the season’s slower (and I mean that not as a pacing or box office judgment, but a literal statement on the speed with which actors move within the movie) films. Although to be honest, I always feel a bit bad calling them “breaks” because they’re delightful, non-blockbuster gems.

That’s especially true of this year’s aside, “The Big Sick.” This story based on the real-life courtship of comedian, Kumail Nanjiani and his now wife (spoiler) Emily V. Gordon. The couple wrote the screenplay and Nanjiani stars as himself (Zoe Kazan co-stars as Emily). And those facts alone already makes this unbearably adorable.

Their story is a remarkable one, crossing cultural lines and generally universal, awkward moments. Add the delightful combo of Ray Romano and Holly Hunter as Emily’s parents and this movie could not be any more charming.

In the months since it’s release it’s been hailed as a great modern rom-com. But just as I hate labeling it as a “break” I take issue with restricting this to the rom-com category. I suppose my real objection is with those out there who will not see a movie that’s been classified as a romantic comedy, which is perhaps a topic for another day. The moral of the story here is that “The Big Sick” isn’t just a great rom-com, it’s a great movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll have a great time.

…bi-daily smile…


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