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In the grand history of literature, there are more than a few famous sisters. We have the From Jane Austen alone we have the beloved Bennet sisters of “Pride and Prejudice” and and the equally awesome Dashwood’s of “Sense and Sensibility.” And crossing over into the realm of the real world, the Bronte Sisters gave us some glorious gothic tales.

But when it comes to American literary sisters, you can’t have a conversation on the subject that doesn’t start with Louis May Alcott’s March sisters.

Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy, not to mention their mother, Marmee, are pillars of the American literary canon.

This household of women ahead of their time, led by the over-achieving author Jo, have inspired generations of women and men. They’ve also been adapted to the stage and screen countless times, and PBS and the BBC are doing it again with a brand new mini-series featuring the likes of Angela Lansbury, Michael Gambon, and Emily Watson. Because this timeless tale of perseverance still strikes a chord.

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