…Break Through

“A Wrinkle in Time” has long been a staple of the summer reading list, and many a English class’s curriculum. For some its “required” nature has made it less appealing, but those who dove into the world created by Madeleine L’Engle were greatly rewarded.

Part magic, part science, and all imagination, the world created by L’Engle  is one of childhood’s dreams, and occasionally nightmares. Not only did she create several new worlds, she also created amazing characters to inhabit them. 

First, there’s the leading lady, Meg Murry. She’s relatable, and surprises herself at every turn. 

Her prodigy brother, Charles Wallace, is the booksmart brains, who helps explain the more complex terms, like time travel, in a way that’s less daunting.

Traveling through space and time with Meg we meet colorful characters like Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who, and Mrs Which, and the more sinister IT.

It’s a fairytale with brains, and it’s a perfect read for summer. If that’s not enough, a new film adaptation comes out this March. So read up.

…just for fun:

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