This What to Wednesday I’d like to travel through time to this coming December (if only), but in the absence of an actual TARDIS, we’re going to use our imaginations, and fast-forward to Christmas.

This year, Doctor Who fans get the gift of a new Doctor, and this time around, on top of the usual regeneration cycle…

…the new showrunner has thrown another curveball at the fandom…

And by curveball, I mean perfectly logical evolution of the Doctor…

And this is exciting news for everyone.

Yes, even you, few but proud trolls, I see you…

I know you’re worried you won’t be able to relate to this newfangled, female Doctor, well on behalf of the very large group of female fans…

Also, get excited.

This is the biggest change the Doctor has ever seen, and that is exciting.

Yes, change is scary, but it’s also precisely the thing that being fans of the Doctor has prepared us for…

The Doctor is change.

The Doctor is hope in the face of adversary.

And the Doctor is about to get a whole new pronoun, so get used to her.

…bi-daily smile…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    So, I only have 12 doctors to catch up on before when???


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