…put in a good word

giphyThis week, as always, we’re all walking into a world of emotions, from excitement following the start of a new season of “Game of Thrones,” to anticipation for the start of Comic-Con, to sheer elation at the memory that we’re just months away from the first woman lead on “Doctor Who.” Lucky for us, we’re also waking to another global craze — World Emoji Day.

While we work our way through these waves of feelings we need look no further than our keyboards for instant, wordless expression and a touch of #MondayMotivation.

Of course communicating our nerdiest 🤓 of moments with emoji is no simple task, it takes time, precision, and inspiration.

So, as we sit on the edge of Comic-Con, I thought I’d pull together some easy to access emoji for the fandoms. Enjoy some of the presiding fandoms into emoji.

Thronies, from fire to ice to dragons and royal conflicts, there’s a lot to cover…⚔🐉🗡🔥👑❄️☃️…and if all else fails, there’s a keyboard for that.

Whovians, there may be no shortage of time-ojis, but there’s something less than timey-wimey about the swapping of the clocks…⏰🕰⏲⌚️⏱➡️💁🏼…and of course we all know the peril that emoji can bring.

So proceed with care…

And while the world’s of Marvel and DC may keep their heroes apart on the big screen, in the world of emoji they can live side by side…✨⚔✨🔨✨👊🏼✨🕷👱✨👩✨…and there’s an emoji keyboard for that…

Because with the power of emoji we are limited by nothing but our own imagination. Yes, the power of words is something we’ve discussed here on more than a few occasions, but on this most auspicious of days, go forth, and don’t use your words… 🦄

…bi-daily 😀…

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  1. originalomc says:

    🙂 old school…


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